About Us

Our ministry exist to partner together with you to publicly sow the seed of God's Word within our communities to see souls saved. We have been led of the Lord to launch public gospel ads in your area in order to connect people in your community to Christ, the gospel and local area churches. The purpose of this outreach is to also arouse people's curiosity in the gospel with eye catching gospel ads that connect people to the Why Jesus Media website, which features powerful testimonies of conversions to Christ along with many clear presentations of the gospel. 

Why Jesus Media is a division of Bus Stop Bible Studies which is providing opportunities for the Body of Christ to sponsor gospel ads on billboards, benches and litter bins.  Churches, Christian ministries or businesses and teams/groups of believers can all partner together to sponsor gospel ads for their churches and communities. Our mission is to present compelling evidence and benefits for following Christ and; to mobilize every believer to share their faith through one of the best resources for personal evangelism.  Believers can sponsor gospel ads, share their testimonies through our site and share our free downloadable outreach express cards. Our web site also serves as your one stop resource for evidence and evangelism on the faith from the world's best Christian Apologist.
A web site designed especially for you!

1. Encouraging Communities to passionately follow Christ through public advertisement.

2. Equipping Christians to personally share their faith through our evangelistic web site.

3. Enabling Churches to publicly promote the gospel through sponsoring Gospel ads.
​Jaime E. Castro,President; Mike Cameron, Ministry Associate; Margaret Elliot, Ministry Associate; Brad Farkus, Outreach Representative; David Harrison, Ministry Consultant; Graham Gaessler, Ministry Consultant; Sarah    Briggs, Ministry Representative; Michael Clouthier, Ministry Representative, Carol Blake, Administrative Assistant