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"For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord". Romans 6:23
Michael Clouthier Story

  On July 4, 1973, I was born at the Women’s College hospital in Toronto. I was raised as a Catholic, but never knew what it was to have a personal relationship with Jesus, until October 5th, 1991, when my accident happened. 

  Before my accident, I was involved in a life of crime that started at the age of 16, which included armed robbery and drug dealing. The accident involved me being        t-boned on my bicycle by a jeep while crossing a street in Scarborough. Shortly after being admitted to the hospital, the police came to arrest me because I broke parole, but instead they found me in coma.  I was in a coma for 40 days, life support for 5 weeks, and I lived in hospital for over a year.

  After emerging from my coma, I had a visitor from a local church who introduced me to a personal relationship with Jesus. He visited me on a regular basis and took me to church after I was discharged from hospital. After leaving the hospital, I became very depressed and tried to attempt suicide several times, because the life I lived before my accident was no longer the same for me, because of my head injury. After my accident, I quickly found out who my true friends were, as the only people there for me were my new Christian friends and those I met in rehab. 

  I received the Lord as my personal Saviour, and was baptized in 1994. Then I met my wife Sarah at a brain injury agency and invited her to church, where she later also received the Lord as her personal Saviour.

   After our marriage, my wife and I attended a Fellowship Baptist church in Scarborough, where I was involved as a DJ for the basketball ministry. In 2015, my daughter Phoebe was born against the support of close family and friends, as they did not think we could handle parenting with our head injuries.  

  Today, my family and I live in Collingwood, Ontario, and I am involved in helping with the youth ministry at our local church. My wife and I are also on the leadership team of Bus stop Bible studies whose mission is to publicly advertise the gospel.

  Some of the crowd I ran with have reaped the results of their lifestyles, as one of my old friends is in prison for life for murder, and another died of a drug overdose.  By the grace of God, there I would have gone also, but God spared me and saved my soul.  It is truly a miracle how this accident turned my life around and put me on a new path into God's Kingdom.

  I feel that the Biblical reference, Isaiah 61:3, regarding God promising Zion “beauty from the ashes of mourning” to be a relevant reflection of my life as God brought many good things from the bad things in my life.
From Crime to Christ!