Outreach Express Cards
These 32 downloadable & printable outreach cards will mobilize every believer to share their faith by taking these business size cards with them wherever they go to distribute as the opportunities arises. The cards are designed to arouse people's curiosity in Christ and the gospel and to connect people to our evangelistic web site which is designed especially for unbelievers for the purpose of presenting compelling evidence and benefits for believing.
Your church info on back of cardOnly Jesus SatisfiesCompelling Evidence and BenefitsDepressed? Follow Me
Fan or Follower of Christ?Religion or Relationship?Sinners need a SaviourFinding or losing your lifeQ and A
Do you Love Me?Everything to lose or gainThe possibility of HellSpiritual health affects everyoneFake News
Gambling with EternityAre you on the right road?Need Hope?Born once die twiceComing out as Born Again
Jesus is happinessAre you the few or many?Are you spiritually blind?Living or Existing?Whose your Master?
Are you foolish or wise?Jesus asks, Do you love me?Spiritual death or spiritual life?Live debt freeGood people?
Why belief is better than unbeliefEternal Life InsuranceGood News vs. Bad NewsGod allows u-turnsI love you
 Both belief & unbelief are based on faithThink Joy. Think JesusJesus is the only true foundationLost?Which road